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Things To Do :
[Incheon International Airport]{08 mins from Incheon Airport Hotel}
"The Third Best Airport of the World" is a recent recognition for the incheon International Airport by a famous travel and business magazine. As one of the world's most advanced airports to meet the aviation demands of 21st century, Incheon will make continuous efforts to provide you with enjoyable sightseeing ventures within its vicinity. During your stay with us, if you wish to take a tour within the area surrounding our Hotel, we will arrange such a tour during your transit and/or standby period.
[Yong-yu Island / Yong-yu Beach]{17 mins from Incheon Airport Hotel}
Picturesque landscape for various beaches such as Yongy-yu beach, Eurwang-ri beach, Wangsan beach, Fairy Rock beach, Deokgyo beach, and so on. Good places to walk barefoot, surrounded by thick pine forest. Powerful yet beautiful sea waves.
[Eurwang-ri Beach] {18 mins from Incheon Airport Hotel}
A scene in a movie proceeds the coast line 15km long. Photographer's paradise for its beauty and uniqueness. The most famous part of this beach is the amazing SUNSET. There goes an Ocean Festival every August. The beach was shown in some Korean movies for its 15 km long beautiful coast line.
[The Memorial Hall of the Yeong-Jong Grand Bridge] {18 min from the hotel}
You can enjoy the side view of the Yeongjong Grand Bridge, 4.42km long. The largest double-decked strait-spanning bridge in Korea. It provides a striking harmony to the Yeong-Jong Island and the surrounding environments.
[Incheon City Tour}
Good for short tour for 4~5 hours long. It's managed by INCHEON METROPOLITAN CITY GOVERNMENT associated with a local leading travel agency. There's no need prior reservation; tourist pay directly to the bus driver on boarding. It costs about KRW 4,500 (US$ 5) and the buses depart from the 3rd Floor (Departure level) Gate #13 of the airport.

For more information, guest may contact Incheon City Information counter located on the 1st floor (Arrival level) between Exit #12 and #13. (☎ +82 32 427 0095).
[Seoul Transit Tour]
Seoul is the biggest city and the capital of South Korea. It takes about 9~10 hours including 2 hours for going and returning on bus or train. There are two different types of this tour: (a) Downtown Tour (b) Palace Tour, managed by SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT.

There is no need prior reservation, tourist pay directly to the bus driver on boarding. One day tour costs about KRW 10,000 (US$ 11), half day tour about KRW 5,000 (US$ 6). Tourist may get on bus #605 on the ground floor (Arrival level) gate #6B or, get off at Gwanghwamun bus stop and transfer to SEOUL CITY TOUR BUS. Another way to get to Gwanghwamun is to take express train to Gimpo National Airport, transfer to subway line #5.

For more information guest may kindly contact Seoul Metropolitan Information on Tel # +82 02 777 6090 or may kindly visit
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